I didn't like music.

In my younger days, I didn't like music. I think that it has to do with the fact that the music I could listen to was limited to the radio and everything felt like the same, no music seemed more creative than another. Until the day I discovered new types of music on Youtube, a type of music that I wasn't used to hearing by the fact that it was nearly not broadcast on mainstream medias like radio or TV.

Deadmau5 appeared like a slap in the face, I discovered electronic music

My interest for music and audio in general has grown year by year. I discovered more talented artists thanks in particular to the Monstercat label as well as new music genres. Then one day I decided to start producing music with Fl Studio. I spent nights to explore all the possibilities and discovering new plugins but I was constantly stuck. I couldn't achieve the finish of my projects. I started a new one and then the same problem occured, until I had hundereds of unfinished projects on my hard drive.

I needed one thing : more technic

After starting to study something that didn't interrest me, I decided to stop and leave France in order to study something that I love, in Canada, in a specialized school that I discovered through Internet : Musitechnic
From that time on, I have boosted my knowledge in the audio field. The expertise of the teachers and learning different softwares allowed me to gain more knowledge and to be more professional. When I graduate, I have decided to focus on post production, mixing and video games without giving up on my personal musical projects.